Complete set of luxurious bath collection in a glamourous home. Recognised as the "Bestseller" from "The Verve", it features an Ultra-Slim UF seat cover with greater toughness albeit its weight being 10% lighter than its predecessor. Its soft closing mechanism remains intact to maintain a child-safe environment. This contemporary design is well-paired with a sleek designed semi-recessed.

Pildoor series is another unique collection from "The Verve". Emphasizing on Children-Friendly Dualseat Cover concept, it partners a detachable Children size seat cover with its soft-closing mechanism to provide highest safety level when answering "Nature Call". Apart from its UF & Quick Release function, its new option of the LED Power Savings Guide enables toilet visit without having the lights on. The eco-friendly LED "Blue Ray" lightings direct the user to the water closet during the dark night, preserving a greener environment.

An elegantly designed sanitary ware for your household, ADESSO is also recognized another "BESTSELLER" with UF Seat Cover with soft closing mechanism for child safety also for a seamless & silent lavatory visitation. ADESSO contains a high-glossy glaze which provides superb protection.